The Movement Push

With declining health in our country there is an urgent need to address not only our nutritional health but also our movement and physical health. With numerous studies showing movement and physical activity on reducing blood pressure, obesity, cholesterol, diabetes and heart disease we need to maintain an acceptable baseline for movement to allow for safe reduction in these life-threatening conditions. We are at forefront of the movement sciences and are offering movement assessments to patient’s bi annually.

A movement assessment identifies imbalances and compensations that will eventually lead to injury. The inefficient and or the painful movements will foster a vicious cycle of inactivity, which will ultimately lead to the life threatening conditions.

The movement assessment is a 10-minute screen utilizing seven basic human movements that should all be done pain free with proper alignment and control. Upon completion of the screen we at that point will offer the solution, be it manual therapy, adjustments or corrective exercises to restore the proper movements. The NFL and numerous tactical organizations including the navy seals have endorsed this movement screen.

We have fallen into a social norm of waiting for disease, rather than prevent the disease from happening. We all prevent oral health complications by seeking dental care on a bi annual basis why not prevent movement dysfunction as well.

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