Our chiropractic, rehabiliation and manual therapy treatments are consistent with the most current and up to date scientific research.


The rehabilitation and physical therapy we perform emphasizes movement pattern dysfunction to restore the body's healing potential.


Athletic Performance and Training is formulated on individualized assessments, and personalized programs.


      Dr. Lascola  

    &  Dr. Schroeder are:

*Board certified Chiropractic physicians

*USA Weightlifting certified


Chiropractic is a form of manual therapy utilized by Doctors of Chiropractic that incorporates soft tissue and osseous relationships to allow for the best possible movement attainable.


A chiropractic adjustment is a gentle gapping of the various joints within the body to help reach a greater range of motion, and allow the body and brain to have a better undertanding of optimal and appropriate movement patterns to help heal faster. 


At COAL Performance we pride ourselves on getting our patients better faster.

COAL is an acronym that encompasses our treatment goals: Control/Coordinate, Optimal, ALignment and Agility ultimately leading to a happier, healthier Life.  


From sprains and strains to arthritis and pre/post surgical procedures, we treat a wide variety of conditions.   We treat with the most up to date and science based evidence available. We utilize functional and dynamic movement screens in order to better diagnose and aid in the progress of our patient care.